National History Day Regional Results

(Submitted by Molly McConnell)

Congratulations to students from Summit, JMS, and JHS who competed in this year’s regional Iowa National History Day competition! This year the competition was held virtually. The following students have qualified for the State competition which will begin on April 15.

  • Ahana Devadas, Audrey Dummermuth, Zoe Zhang (Summit)- Junior group documentary
  • Henry Zou, Luka Felbapov, Luke Gragg (Summit)- Junior group documentary
  • Eshaan Chandani, Anjali Kumar (JHS)- Senior group documentary
  • Jeffrey Zou, Ani Soni, Zach Hodson (JHS)- Senior group documentary
  • Akshara Eswar (JMS)- Senior individual documentary
  • Rohan Devadas (JHS)- Senior individual documentary
  • Dylan Coslin, Kayla Jensen (JHS)- Senior group exhibit
  • Shreyas Shrestha, Kathir Kalyanaraman, Andrew Bogue (JMS)- Junior group website
  • Anita Dinakar (JHS)- Senior individual website
  • Leah Ferguson (Summit)- Junior individual exhibit
  • Charles Berk (Summit)- Junior individual paper