Horizon Students Help the Homeless

HZE 5th grade bags

Fifth graders in Ms. Chronister’s class assembled Helping Bags for Des Moines-area homeless.

During one of the last days of the school year, Horizon students in Susan Chronister’s fifth grade classroom were hard at work, with their minds, hands, and hearts.

As one last community service project, students, with the support of the Horizon PTO, Sam’s Club, classroom parents, friends, and Principal Lindsey Cornwell, assembled 300 Helping Bags for the homeless and indigent populations in the Des Moines area.

During a year where many faced hardships, the students felt like these bags, stocked with water, self-care items, and healthy snacks, would help out a person facing a tough time in their life. The socks included in each bag were extras from a school-wide “Soctober Drive” held in the fall to gather socks for hospital patients.

“My students inspired each other – and me – to help people in our community,” Chronister said. “They wanted to make a difference. They helped me plan our endeavor from the beginning stages when we were first inspired throughout the fine tuning at the end. I have learned so much from these students and am so proud of them for making a difference.”

Chronister pointed out that all students need to have parental permission and be with an adult before they distribute the bags. Anything not taken by students will be offered to staff members to distribute or donated to Central Iowa Shelter and Services downtown.

“I have hoped so much in my heart that this experience will stay strong and true with them,” Chronister said. “We never know what any single person is handling in life. Grace, love, and kindness are the best lessons I can hope to share with my students.”