School Meals Update for the 2021-22 School Year

Summer lunchThe Johnston Community School District recognizes the important connection between a healthy diet and student’s ability to learn.  To help ensure students receive proper nutrition to fuel their minds and bodies, the nutrition department maintains high standards set by the federal government regarding food safety and nutrition.

2021-2022 school year children at your school will receive no cost meals through the USDA Seamless Summer Option.  Each child will be allowed one breakfast meal and one lunch meal each day at no cost.

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served daily at all school sites. Breakfast is served at elementary sites starting at 8:25am and at secondary sites starting at 7:15am
  • Additional food items may be purchased. Parents can prepay money into the child’s lunch account for this purchase with debit/credit card at .  Parents may monitor student accounts from home and set-up e-mail balance alerts or automatic payments.  Cash or check payments are accepted at your child’s school or the district nutrition office 6510 NW 62nd Ave, PO Box 10, Johnston IA 50131.
  • Secondary students may purchase ala carte food items for an additional charge. Extra entrées are available for $2.50 for grades 6 – 12.
  • All students may purchase extra milk for $.50

The free and reduced-price application may be needed by your school for school fee reduction or other programs, such as P-EBT.  Please complete application online at,  select online application.  To request a paper Iowa Application for Free and Reduced Priced school meals – please call the JCSD Nutrition Department at 515-278-0278.

School meals planned using the following standards:

  • Age-appropriate calorie, sodium and saturated fat limits/0 trans fats
  • Variety of fruits and vegetables including Farm to School fresh options
  • Wide range of vegetables (including dark green, red/orange, and legumes)
  • Grain items contain least 51% whole-grain rich flours.
  • Canned fruit packed in natural juice or light syrup.
  • Yogurt or other vegetarian entrees offered daily.
  • Low fat and skim milk offered daily by Anderson Erickson Dairy.
  • All foods sold to kids before, during and 30 minutes after school are compliant with USDA/Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Guidelines including ala carte, vending and fundraising.

Additional Meal Requirements:

Students are required to select a serving of fruit and/or vegetable with lunch & breakfast meals.

Special Menus / Substitutions:

Substitutions for specific foods allowed when supported by a statement from a recognized medical authority.  If a student requires a specific food substitution, such as in the case of a food allergy, a Diet Modification Request Form completed by a medical professional is required.  These forms are available  Updated forms are submitted annually to the Director of Nutrition Services and the School Nurse.

School meals are a great value and huge convenience for busy families:

Parents may allow students to purchase extra milk at the elementary schools or ala carte items at secondary schools by pre-payment of funds into the student’s computerized meal account.  During meal service, students may access funds by scanning a bar code on the ID Badge or entering a personalized pin number at the cash register.  The computer debits and records purchases from the student’s lunch account.  Student accounts are closely monitored to prevent negative balances and charges.  Students may not be able to purchase ala carte items or second meals if there are no funds available in the account.

2021/2022 Prices

Breakfast Lunch
All Students 1 Free Breakfast per Day 1 Free Lunch per Day
Adult / Second Student Meal $2.30 $3.90

School Lunch Menus and nutritional information is available on NutriSlice. Contact the JCSD Nutrition Department 515-278-0278 with questions.  We look forward to welcoming your children to the cafeteria.