The Impact of Viral Challenges in our School Environment

Administrators  within the Johnston Community School District have recently witnessed a number of viral “challenges” taking place in our schools. Social media outlets, such as TikTok, post challenges out to their worldwide networks and people respond by completing them and then posting their results online. Most recently, the challenge was to vandalize restrooms. We have seen posting about future challenges that could go as far as assault other criminal activities. When the nature of the challenges targets individual students or staff members, causes a disruption to our school facilities or interferes with our ability to have a normal school day, we ask families to help us communicate the serious nature of a seemingly silly prank with their child(ren).

Please have a conversation with your student about the impact this has on our school, the learning environment and the possible consequences they will face if taking part in these challenges. If a student is found to be involved with inappropriate activity such as the things found in viral challenges, progressive and appropriate disciplinary action in alignment with our policies and code of conduct will be implemented, and could include suspension, restitution, law enforcement involvement, and more.