iJAG coming to Johnston next year

Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates, or iJAG, is coming to Johnston High School next school year. The program that prepares students for graduation, the workforce and life will support juniors and seniors. A new Johnston iJAG teacher will be hired for 2022-2023.

iJAG is a statewide non-profit organization connecting business and education to help prevent dropouts and provide school-to-Printcareer solutions. The program helps students build the skills they need to be successful in the classroom, on the job and in life. Each year, the program serves 2,800 students in 74 programs reaching 29 communities in Iowa and Illinois.

“We are excited to be able to add this support program to JHS to continue to support all levels of learners to reach their true potential,” said Dr. Jyll Johnson Miner, the district’s learning coordinator for career and technical education/related arts postsecondary education.

636632863973432346 Johnston Graduation 11iJAG provides small-group instruction to students, helping them master 37 core competencies related to school, work, and life success. Employers will visit the classroom to make presentations, critique student work and resumes, host mock interviews and provide mentoring.

The program will also provide students hands-on learning opportunities including job site visits, job shadowing, internships, pre-apprenticeships, summer job training or work for pay.

Some students choose iJAG because a conventional classroom doesn’t work for them, or they may be experiencing distractions or barriers at school or at home. The program relies on real-world, project-based instructional methods and an unconventional approach that emphasizes personal connections with students.