Summit “wax museum” merges past and present

Reproductive rights display at Summit Global Wax MuseumJOHNSTON, IA. (Jan. 5, 2022) — Seventh graders at Summit Middle School are showcasing their research on global issues this week through a “wax museum” that brings together key leaders from the past and present.

At this week’s “Global Issues Wax Museum,” groups of students set up science fair-style presentations in the school library to tackle tough issues ranging from international peace to climate change, reproductive rights, human rights, food shortage, pollution, peace, security and more.

Not only did the students pull this together the week after winter break. They also brought the issues to life by choosing a leader from the past on their chosen issue, and one from the present, and engaging the two in a simulated conversation.IMG 8992

“We use people from history and current times to make it seem like they were old friends, to explain it in a way that is casual and easily understandable,” said a student who portrayed Alice Paul, the American Quaker, suffragist, feminist, women’s rights activist and leader in the campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“Wax museum” presentations were held Monday and Tuesday, and will continue on Thursday.

Students participating in the event are in social studies classes taught by Rachel Burgess, Allison Barlow and Aaron Meyer. The first semester in the Johnston Community School District ends on Friday, Jan. 14.

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