Educators Recognized for Their Impact on Students’ Lives

Educator Impact NightJOHNSTON, Ia (January 12, 2023) — The impact that educators have on students’ lives is immeasurable. 

Two dozen Johnston educators were recognized this week for the impact they’ve had on students’ lives. Educator’s Impact Night was a time to give a special thanks to educators who have gone above and beyond to positively influence the lives of students. The night was especially meaningful because the educators were selected by students.

“Mrs. Dewhurst was always very kind to me,” boys basketball player Dom Tornabane said. “She was very encouraging to me and always wanted me to succeed. She set me up for success the right way.” 

Girls basketball player Sidny Pohlman chose to recognize JMS teacher Brandon Pleasant. “[Mr. Pleasant’s] a really supportive teacher that wants the best for everybody,” she said. “He’s compassionate and he genuinely cares and wants to connect with all of his students.” 

Student athletes from the Johnston varsity girls and boys basketball teams selected current or past teachers to whom they wanted to give a special shout out of appreciation. The educators were recognized in person in between the girls’ and boys’ basketball games against Ankeny. The recognition was organized by parents of the players.

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Below are a handful of quotes from our student athletes that begin to capture the impact these educators have had.

“Mr. Sciruba always brought great energy to class. He also created great relationships with students which made being in his class and part of his room a great time.” -Alec Bauer

“[Mr. Hoverston] was a great teacher and coach. He was always checking in and wanting to know his students more than just in the classroom. He made the class more fun because he was teaching it.” -Dylan Grandon

“[Mrs. White] was super sweet to me and always cheered me up during the day. I trust her in any scenario and am very thankful for her.” -Logan Kahre

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“[Ms. Robinson] is very nice to me and I feel like I could talk to her about anything. She is very personable, and she is overall a good person.” -Jalen Richardson

“I chose Mrs. Kern because she is very nice and always has a positive attitude. I really love her class.” -Cameron Henderson

“I always enjoyed being in geometry with Mrs. Starcevich. I always felt welcome in the classroom. I know I can always talk to her.” -Gavin Backous

“[Mr. Woodley] makes me excited to go to class everyday and is so supportive and funny.” -Kamryn Jilek

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“[Ms. Sowa] made class really fun by telling stories about her life and she is very open and honest with her students.” -Sydney Hodges

“I chose Mrs. Graving because she is always there to help me and has helped me become a better person.” -Jenica Raine Lewis

“Mrs. Jensen has always been an amazing teacher, coach and someone who is always there for you. She wants the best for everyone and always is someone you can talk to about anything.” -Jayce Blanchard

Thank you Fans of Johnston Girls Basketball for capturing these moments between players and teachers.