JMS Announcements for Friday, March 3, 2023

Teachers will update weekly assignments every Sunday so students know what needs to be done the following week. In the weekly updates, teachers will communicate any due dates for student work.



WEIGHT ROOM: After school weightlifting will be closed next week as outlined in the yearly schedule. After school weights will start back up on Monday, March 20th after Spring Break Week.


1st Official Day –  Monday, March 20 – 8th & 9th Informational Meeting & Instructions

Last Day of Spring – Friday, May 18

Weightlifting Hours of Operation:

9th Grade Students ONLY – 6:00-7:00am -Monday, Wednesday, Friday

·  Locker rooms will be available in the morning for students to shower, change, etc.

8th & 9th Grade Students – 3:00-4:00pm – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

·  No locker rooms will be open after school. Students will change in the restroom located across from the weight room.

Location:  JMS Weight Room – Closest Entrance is Door 15

Expectations & Requirements:

·  Enter the weight room mentally and physically ready to work

·  No horseplay at any time.

·  Use common sense and avoid potentially dangerous situations

·  No food or drink or gum in the Weight Room

·  Wear proper lifting clothes

·  Shoes Must Be Worn at All Times (No Sandals, Open Toe Shoes, CROCS).

·  No headphones (Be coachable to hear coach/teammate feedback and timing system)

·  A spotter must be used on all free lifting stations.  Example: Bench Press, Incline Press, Overhead Press.

·  Return all free weights to their correct weight racks

·  Report any Injury to the supervisor immediately

·  Never lift weights without a supervisor present In the room

·  Follow the prescribed weight and repetition assigned by your individual program

·  Never sacrifice technique for weight! Technique and quality repetitions are the priority

·  Bring the right attitude, effort, and energy. We are here to work!

·  Help to create an environment that encourages optimal performance. BE EXCELLENT!

**Failure to comply with the standards above will result in a loss of privilege and student may be removed permanently **


SUMMER SCHEDULE: The Summer weightlifting will be sent out in May via email and Twitter. This will include weight room and speed & agility programs for students entering 8th – 12th grade.


School Early Dismissal Days = no weightlifting

School Weather Dismissal Days = no weightlifting

Non School Days / Holidays = no weightlifting


EMERGENCY CLOSINGS: In the event we need to close the weight room, the Activities Department will use the following methods of communication:

·  Twitter

·  Student Email Announcements – Sent by Rachel Andrews

·  In-Person Announcements on Intercom – Sent by Cheryl Hudson


FAMILY WEEK: The Unified Activity Federation (Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, Iowa High School Music Association, and Iowa High School Speech Association) have declared Non-Contact Period for the summer of 2023. During this time, there will be no activities in the Johnston Community School District, including camps, clinics, workouts, strength and conditioning, lessons, meetings, etc. This provides a break for students and staff, and a great time with family. This is a great time to schedule a vacation.

·  Family Week starts Sunday, July 22, 2023  – Sunday, July 30, 2023.


D&D Club: Attention Dungeons and Dragons Club! Due to conferences being on Thursday this week, Dungeons and Dragons Club will meet on Friday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in room 113. Please email Mr. Hewitt ( if you plan to attend this week. He will find an alternate location if needed.

MATHCOUNTS:  Math Counts will meet Friday, March 3 from 3-4pm in Room 101.

FCCLA BOOK DRIVE:  Do you have children’s books at home you don’t read anymore??? FCCLA is doing a BOOK DRIVE to donate books to locate agencies to help put books in the hands of children. Children’s books to young adult books are welcome!!! Please bring any books you wish to donate to Ms. Comstocks’ room. We will be taking books through March 8th.

APPLICATION FOR EXTENDED LEARNING PROGRAM (ELP):  The application process is now open for 8th and 9th grade students interested in being reviewed for Johnston’s Extended Learning Program. This program exists to ensure students have opportunities to learn and be challenged at their advanced level.

One part of the program is a class that allows students to design a program of study and develop a project of their choice. If you are interested in the ELP elective where you “choose your own adventure” and you like to be challenged with advanced work, you should apply for this program.

Whether or not you are interested in the ELP course, as an identified ELP student, you would have access to the teacher who works with gifted and talented students to assist with high school and college planning.

ELP Applications are virtual this year!

New Applicants: Please fill out the form linked here if you are not currently identified for ELP

Existing ELP Students: If you are already identified for ELP and wish to continue to be eligible for ELP services, please fill out the form linked here.

All forms, for both new applicants and existing ELP students are due on or before March 3rd, 2022

Any questions: contact Ms. McConnell (

DRAGON SCHOLARSHIP FUND: The Dragon Scholarship Fund is excited to announce the details of the 20th Annual DSF Auction!

The Live Auction will be held Saturday, March 4 at the Stoney Creek Event Center from 6 pm – 10 pm.  Please RSVP to the event by purchasing ( your tickets in advance, as this will also help expedite the check-in process.

The online auction will open Sunday, February 26th, and close at 9:30 pm on Saturday, March 4.  Please also register for the online auction here:  (free to register!)

We currently have over 50 unique packages:  Full year reserved JHS parking spot, Street Smarts, VIP tickets to Frozen, Dry cleaning, Hair products, car washes, Botox, Kids/Family Activities, Restaurant gift cards, and so much more!


** 9th grade students who wish to obtain a school driver’s permit can follow the following link:

This link will guide them to a Google Site. Students will need to log in with their jdragonmail credentials in order to watch a video and complete a quiz. The video contains the information that was presented at permit meetings in the past and will now take the place of those meetings. One parent will need to watch the video and note that completion on the quiz. As usual, the only students eligible are 9th graders who have completed driver’s education and have had their learner’s permit for at least six months. After the quiz has been completed, students can pick up their signed Department of Transportation form in the JMS Front Office. Students will need a parking tag to park on school grounds during the school year. Parking tags are available for $20 when students pick up their DOT form. Please make sure you have your license plate number with you at the time of purchase.

ATTENTION SCHOOL PERMIT DRIVERS: We want to keep you safe and legal. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE TO SCHOOL–you should not be driving to any other location with this permit! Please review the laws/expectations of your School Permit.


USAGE: When can I use my School Permit?

·  Only within the school boundaries

·  To school or school sponsored event

LOCATIONS:  ** Where do I go with my School Permit? **

·  Travel the direct route (App.)

·  Gas stations should be on or nearest to the route

TRANSPORTING OTHERS:  Can anyone else ride with me?

·  One passenger other than siblings

·  This does not change the direct route expectation, passengers must start and stop at your locations

VIOLATIONS:  What will happen to me if I don’t obey the law?

·  Examples of Law Enforcement Consequences

·  Loss of privileges (Ex: 2 or more Moving Violations = Revoked for 1 year)

·  Monetary (Ex: $195 for Speeding Violation)

·  Prolonged time for license

·  School Consequences

·  Typically: Warning, Alternative parking sight, Loss of privilege

PARKING: Where can I park while I’m at school?

·  Back Lot – North side of JMS (Enter Door 15)

·  Must have purchased a parking tag ($20) in the JMS Front Office

·  Use only non “staff parking” spots