Air Conditioning Update 9/17

On Monday, Sept. 16, two of the Horizon building cooling units started having issues. The unit that cools the 3rd and 4th grade communities stopped working altogether. The other unit that cools the 1st and 2nd grade areas should be repaired and working again by 10 a.m. today (Tuesday).

As safety of staff and students is the primary concern, we are making some location changes to accommodate teachers and learners for the next few days. Third grade students will be relocated within the building to areas with air conditioning.

Our 4th grade students will be relocated to Summit Middle School for the day (Tuesday). They will walk to Summit in the morning, return to Horizon for lunch and related arts mid-day, return to Summit around 2:00, then be at Horizon for dismissal. There will not be any change to parent drop off, pick up, or KTC.

All other grade levels will continue in their classrooms for the day.

We will be monitoring room temperatures throughout the next few days to ensure appropriate learning conditions for students. Students will have unlimited access to water at our drinking fountains or if they bring a water bottle. Questions can be directed to the Horizon office at 515-986-1121.