Announcements for Thursday May 9, 2024

Announcements for: Thursday May 9, 2024

Teachers will update weekly assignments every Sunday so students know what needs to be done the following week. In the weekly updates, teachers will communicate any due dates for student work.




Apply to be a JMS Student Ambassador! Our Student Ambassadors help with new student orientation in the fall, give new student tours, help them get from class to class, plan new student events, and assist the counselors in other areas to help new students. If you are interested in being a student ambassador, please use this application form to apply for a position for next school year. Because this is a competitive application, not all students who apply will get in. Please proofread your answers before submitting.



JMS 2023-2024 yearbooks are in! Parents can pre-purchase a $30 yearbook on Infinite Campus under Optional Payments. Be sure to click on the 23-24 yearbook! Pre-ordered yearbooks must be ordered by May 21st, and they will be handed out in Pride. Buy now while supplies last!



Registration for Fall 2024 online DMACC classes is now open! These classes are open to 9th-12th graders for the 2024-2025 school year. Students should review the Johnston approved courses list and select the course(s) they would like to take. Descriptions for courses can be found on DMACC’s website within their course catalog. Once students have decided on a class, they will need to fill out the Memo of Understanding and return it to the counseling office in order to get registered for the class. They can pick up a paper copy in the counseling office if needed. The deadline for registering for DMACC classes is May 31st, 2024


Questions for DMACC can be sent to Kayla Lunn at



JMS Sources of Strength is leading several campaigns around the school! Please take a minute to look at our display in the commons and watch this short video Sources of Strength.mp4!


The mission of Sources of Strength is to prevent adverse outcomes by increasing wellbeing, help-seeking, resiliency, healthy coping, and belonging. Having a strong connection with Trusted Adults is a significant protective factor in the life of a young person. One of the primary outcomes of Sources of Strength is increasing trust towards adults.


*This week we will be hiding pins, bracelets, and other prizes throughout the school. If you find one of these, it’s yours to keep, scan the QR code and share with us who your Trusted Adult is!*



School lunch account balances remain in the student’s account from year to year.  If a child transfers to another building, the lunch account balance will transfer with the child to the new building.


*Graduating seniors lunch account balances will be transferred to a sibling account or refunded to the parent.


*For students not returning to the Johnston Community School District next year, please call the Nutrition Department at 515-278-0278 to request a lunch account balance refund or option to donate balance to the negative student meal accounts in the district.








Did you know all communications for JMS are done through parent square? Please be sure to download the app to ensure that you are receiving all notifications regarding your student(s) and their schools.



** 9th grade students who wish to obtain a school driver’s permit can follow the following link:

This link will guide them to a Google Site. Students will need to log in with their jdragonmail credentials in order to watch a video and complete a quiz. The video contains the information that was presented at permit meetings in the past and will now take the place of those meetings. One parent will need to watch the video and note that completion of the quiz. As usual, the only students eligible are 9th graders who have completed driver’s education and have had their learner’s permit for at least six months. After the quiz has been completed, students can pick up their signed Department of Transportation form in the JMS Front Office. Students will need a parking tag to park on school grounds during the school year. Parking tags are available for $20 when students pick up their DOT form. Please make sure you have your license plate number with you at the time of purchase.


ATTENTION SCHOOL PERMIT DRIVERS: We want to keep you safe and legal. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE TO SCHOOL–you should not be driving to any other location with this permit! Please review the laws/expectations of your School Permit.

USAGE: When can I use my School Permit?

·  Only within the school boundaries
·  To school or school sponsored event

LOCATIONS:  ** Where do I go with my School Permit? **

·  Travel the direct route (App.)
·  Gas stations should be on or nearest to the route

TRANSPORTING OTHERS:  Can anyone else ride with me?

·  One passenger other than siblings
·  This does not change the direct route expectation, passengers must start and stop at your locations

VIOLATIONS:  What will happen to me if I don’t obey the law?

·  Examples of Law Enforcement Consequences
·  Loss of privileges (Ex: 2 or more Moving Violations = Revoked for 1 year)

·  Monetary (Ex: $195 for Speeding Violation)

·  Prolonged time for license

·  School Consequences
·  Typically: Warning, Alternative parking sight, Loss of privilege

PARKING: Where can I park while I’m at school?

·  Back Lot – North side of JMS (Enter Door 15)
·  Must have purchased a parking tag ($20) in the JMS Front Office

·  Use only non “staff parking” spots