Announcements-Tuesday, November 26th-A Day

  • MRS. SCOTT’S PE CLASS: Mrs. Scott’s 6th grade ONLY PE classes will not dress out on Monday and Tuesday. Please meet in the multipurpose room.
  • LIBRARY NEWS: The Summit Library is now on Instagram and Twitter!  Follow us @jcsd_smslibrary to see library promotions, new books, and see a peek of what’s happening at our library!
  • SUMMIT SNAPSHOT NEWSPAPER: Be sure to check out the Summit Snapshot!  This is an on-line newspaper that the Media Literacy class has been working on.

Do you have extra coats? Extra…

  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarfs 
  • Boots
  • Snow pants 
  • Jackets 

Anything that is in good condition, we’ll take it! Kids will soon be experiencing the cold harsh winter, and they need warm outerwear to keep themselves warm! Inside, I always felt the need to help people whenever I get the chance to, and now this is YOUR turn to take that chance and help kids! Give these kids a nice gift and donate your warm outerwear to them! If YOU feel the same kind of need to help kids and teens dress and feel warm in the cold, then you can find the winter donation boxes outside the lunch room and communities. Please look through your closets and help these kids have fun in the winter just like you!

  • B on Monday