JMS Announcements – 11/30/23

Announcements for: Thursday November 30, 2023

Teachers will update weekly assignments every Sunday so students know what needs to be done the following week. In the weekly updates, teachers will communicate any due dates for student work.




Friday, December 1st Schedule: Tardy incentive for the free choice FIRE.



Congratulations to all 3 Johnston Middle School teams who fought long and hard yesterday at the State Tournament at the Iowa Event Center! Teams presented their cases three times over two days in the case of the State of Iowa vs. Avery Sherman.


Two teams finished in the top twelve, earning trophies. Team Gold finished the state competition in 11th place and Team Dragon tied for 12th place. Additionally three students were recognized as All-State award winners–Sree Bethanapalli and Kalida Tchaprozova as All-State Attorneys and Elia Brus as All-State Witness. Many of the other members of the Johnston teams also were recognized for their outstanding performances at the regional tournament


All JMS Teams with high school coaches


Team Dragon


Team Gold





Dungeons and Dragons Club is still going and is looking for more players to join in on the adventure. The club meets every Wednesday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in room 113. No application is required.


What is Dungeons and Dragons Club? I am glad you asked. Dungeons and Dragons Club is designed to give students a chance to play the long lived pencil and paper roleplaying game with all materials provided. Players of any ability level are welcome. New games may also be added to the club based on interest.


If you have any questions feel free to stop by Mr. Hewitt’s room (113) or email me (



Please fill out the following form to communicate your intentions for JHS Fall Men’s Golf 2024 (students must fill out the form).  JHS Fall Men’s Golf 2024 is for current 8th-11th graders for this school year.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Hattel at



The Spring catalog for DMACC Online Career Academy courses is now available on the JMS Counseling website.  These online courses that are taken outside of a student’s regular school day are available to any 9th grade student.  If you are interested in taking one of these, please visit the JMS counseling website under the Academic tab and scroll down to the DMACC section.  The deadline for signing up for a course is December 1.  Please see your counselor with any questions.



Attention Johnston Women’s Golfers. Please fill out the following form to communicate your intentions for JHS Spring Women’s Golf 2024 (students must fill out the form).  JHS Spring Women’s Golf is for current 9th-12th graders in Spring 2024.


We will again make every effort possible to have sessions for current 7th and 8th graders so please sign up so you can get information regarding the program.


Even if you are not sure at this time about joining the team, please sign up so that you may receive information prior to the season starting.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Hattel at


The Johnston Community School District offers weekend food support in collaboration with the Johnston Partnership to families who request this assistance. This program provides food for students and their families on weekends when school breakfast and lunch are not available.


Students in the program receive a small sack of supplemental food items to bring home on Thursdays or Fridays each week. If your student is already signed up and receiving the weekend food bag, you do not need to do anything.


If you wish to start receiving food bags, then click this link and complete the form.

Weekend Food Support


If you wish to donate money to support this program, please click this link.

Monetary Donation


** 9th grade students who wish to obtain a school driver’s permit can follow the following link:

This link will guide them to a Google Site. Students will need to log in with their jdragonmail credentials in order to watch a video and complete a quiz. The video contains the information that was presented at permit meetings in the past and will now take the place of those meetings. One parent will need to watch the video and note that completion of the quiz. As usual, the only students eligible are 9th graders who have completed driver’s education and have had their learner’s permit for at least six months. After the quiz has been completed, students can pick up their signed Department of Transportation form in the JMS Front Office. Students will need a parking tag to park on school grounds during the school year. Parking tags are available for $20 when students pick up their DOT form. Please make sure you have your license plate number with you at the time of purchase.


ATTENTION SCHOOL PERMIT DRIVERS: We want to keep you safe and legal. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE TO SCHOOL–you should not be driving to any other location with this permit! Please review the laws/expectations of your School Permit.

USAGE: When can I use my School Permit?

·  Only within the school boundaries
·  To school or school sponsored event

LOCATIONS:  ** Where do I go with my School Permit? **

·  Travel the direct route (App.)
·  Gas stations should be on or nearest to the route

TRANSPORTING OTHERS:  Can anyone else ride with me?

·  One passenger other than siblings
·  This does not change the direct route expectation, passengers must start and stop at your locations

VIOLATIONS:  What will happen to me if I don’t obey the law?

·  Examples of Law Enforcement Consequences
·  Loss of privileges (Ex: 2 or more Moving Violations = Revoked for 1 year)

·  Monetary (Ex: $195 for Speeding Violation)

·  Prolonged time for license

·  School Consequences
·  Typically: Warning, Alternative parking sight, Loss of privilege

PARKING: Where can I park while I’m at school?

·  Back Lot – North side of JMS (Enter Door 15)
·  Must have purchased a parking tag ($20) in the JMS Front Office

·  Use only non “staff parking” spots