JMS Announcements – 2/2/23

Announcements for Thursday, February 2, 2023 

Teachers will update weekly assignments every Sunday so students know what needs to be done the following week. In the weekly updates, teachers will communicate any due dates for student work.



No new announcements today.



ATTENTION STUDENTS! During lunches this week, student ID cards were passed out. If you have already picked your ID card, please hold on to it! If you have not picked it up, please stop by the Guidance Office to pick it up this week!

Your student ID card will now be used to scan in and out of the JMS Front Office. For example, if you leave early during the day or arrive back to school after an appointment etc.

The student ID cards are DIFFERENT than an Activity Pass you may have purchased. PLEASE DO NOT throw your activity pass away. You can’t use your ID to enter a game or activity and can’t use your activity pass to check in and out of school — so both are important!

Bottom line:

Student ID Cards = used at school

Student Activity Passes = used at games or activities

** ALSO, another reminder that parents and students are not to order food for delivery to students at school. If fast food is dropped off for you by a parent ot sibling etc. that is fine. The Front Office will not accept food delivered here by a restaurant or delivery service such as GrubHub etc.


SCIENCE OLYMPIAD:  Science Olympiad will meet Thursday from 3:00 – 3:45.


MEN’S GOLF:  Please fill out the following form to communicate your intentions for JHS Fall Men’s Golf 2023 (students must fill out the form).  JHS Fall Men’s Golf 2023 is for current 8th-11th graders for this school year.  There will be player information meetings held on January 30 and/or February 2.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Hattel at



Weightlifting Hours of Operation:

9th Grade Students ONLY – 6:00-7:00am -Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Locker rooms will be available in the morning for students to shower, change, etc.

8th & 9th Grade Students – 3:00-4:00pm – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

  • No locker rooms will be open after school. Students will change in the restroom located across from the weight room.

Location:  JMS Weight Room – Closest Entrance is Door 15


1st Day After Winter Break- Monday, January 9

Last Day of Winter – Thursday, March 2


School Early Dismissal Days = no weightlifting

School Weather Dismissal Days = no weightlifting

Non School Days / Holidays = no weightlifting


In the event we need to close the weight room, the Activities Department will use the following methods of communication:

  • Twitter
  • Student Email Announcements – Sent by Rachel Andrews
  • In-Person Announcements on Intercom – Sent by Cheryl Hudson



** 9th grade students who wish to obtain a school driver’s permit can follow the following link:

This link will guide them to a Google Site. Students will need to log in with their jdragonmail credentials in order to watch a video and complete a quiz. The video contains the information that was presented at permit meetings in the past and will now take the place of those meetings. One parent will need to watch the video and note that completion on the quiz. As usual, the only students eligible are 9th graders who have completed driver’s education and have had their learner’s permit for at least six months. After the quiz has been completed, students can pick up their signed Department of Transportation form in the JMS Front Office. Students will need a parking tag to park on school grounds during the school year. Parking tags are available for $20 when students pick up their DOT form. Please make sure you have your license plate number with you at the time of purchase.

ATTENTION SCHOOL PERMIT DRIVERS: We want to keep you safe and legal. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE TO SCHOOL–you should not be driving to any other location with this permit! Please review the laws/expectations of your School Permit.

USAGE: When can I use my School Permit?

·  Only within the school boundaries

·  To school or school sponsored event

LOCATIONS:  ** Where do I go with my School Permit? **

·  Travel the direct route (App.)

·  Gas stations should be on or nearest to the route

TRANSPORTING OTHERS:  Can anyone else ride with me?

·  One passenger other than siblings

·  This does not change the direct route expectation, passengers must start and stop at your locations

VIOLATIONS:  What will happen to me if I don’t obey the law?

·  Examples of Law Enforcement Consequences

·  Loss of privileges (Ex: 2 or more Moving Violations = Revoked for 1 year)

·  Monetary (Ex: $195 for Speeding Violation)

·  Prolonged time for license

·  School Consequences

·  Typically: Warning, Alternative parking sight, Loss of privilege

PARKING: Where can I park while I’m at school?

·  Back Lot – North side of JMS (Enter Door 15)

·  Must have purchased a parking tag ($20) in the JMS Front Office

·  Use only non “staff parking” spots