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Garden Club will meet Thursday, September 23rd after school in Mrs. Barlow’s room (Mission Room 129).  If you have not signed up but are interested in participating, please feel free to join us!  We will meet until 3:45.


September Library Contest

Enter the September Library Contest!!  Try to guess exactly how many books we have in the Summit library!  Use the link to fill out the form with your guess!  Enter by September 24th to be eligible for prizes!

Book Notices

Books checked out the first week of school will be coming due soon.  Don’t forget you will get an e-mail reminder when your book is due.  Please then return your book to the library or reply to the e-mail to ask Mrs. McAlister to renew it.

Featured Book of the Week

Efren Divided is about a boy who was born in the United States but his parents were not.  They are undocumented workers.  One day his worst fear comes true when his mom doesn’t return home from work.  She’s been deported.  Efren then has to really step up to help his dad with his younger siblings while also worrying about when he’ll see his mom again.  This book is timely and well-written.  It includes a lot of Spanish words, but there is a glossary in the back to help you understand any words you are unfamiliar with.


Why Should I Donate to the Fundraiser?

Every year the funds donated help keep our school great. New technology, collaborative learning spaces, and this year’s focus, student recognition, teen choice award books, and community day. In the past we’ve asked you to sell something or to send emails to family and friends. We want to make this simple and as painless as possible. That’s what the un-fundraiser is intended to do.

Please take a few minutes and donate what you can.

Donate by Clicking HERE

If you’d prefer to write a check, we can do that! Please make any checks payable to Summit PTO.

We are off to a great start so far! Thank you to those who have already contributed.  We have already met the first reward level of $5,000 and the students will get to silly string Mr. Billings during lunch in the next few days.  Follow us on Facebook to see the photos

Want to stretch your money?

Many companies (Principal, Wells Fargo, and Nationwide are just a few) will match, some dollar for dollar, what you donate.