Updated Lawson Dismissal Procedures for Sept. 13

Due to the temporary relocation, LAWSON STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED TWO HOURS EARLY TODAY (SEPT. 13). This puts dismissal at 1:35 p.m. Below is updated information on dismissal.

If you student goes to KTC in the afternoon: All afternoon KTC students will be bussed to Wallace for KTC today. KTC parents should pick their child up from Wallace at the normal time. Parent codes will work at Wallace.

If you child walks home or is picked up by a parent: They will be bussed back to Lawson and then walk home or can be picked up at approximately 1:40 p.m.  from the normal parent pick up area.

If your child is bussed home: They will be bussed home as normal, but approximately two hours early.

All questions can be directed to Mrs. Boston at the Lawson school office, 515-278-0478.