005What is a DLE?

A DLE, or Digital Learning Environment, is a digital (virtual or online) platform by which educational material is delivered. This material can include resources, activities, and assessments. The material used in a DLE is delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or Seesaw.

From a hardware standpoint, the Johnston Community School District supports its DLE by providing Apple iPads for grades K-12 students on a 1:1 basis (one device per student). Each school building also is equipped with computer labs (both macOS and Windows) and mobile laptop carts, as well as audio/video systems in classrooms. Educators at all grade levels incorporate age-appropriate apps and learning modules into daily classroom work.

The access to these devices creates opportunities to utilize resources and apps that allow students to create projects, teachers to communicate through classroom blogs and messaging, and educators to engage learners via digital interfaces.

Questions regarding your school’s DLE should be directed to your school principal.


COPPA Compliancy Information about COPPA compliancy at JCSD.
Digital Learning Tools List of digital learning tools used at JCSD that require COPPA compliance and parental permission.
DLE Handbooks Handbook containing information and policies pertaining to the use of Digital Learning Environments at JCSD. Please read and share the Responsible Use Agreement with your child(ren). These policies are also included in the Parent/Student Handbooks.
DLE Tools Overview PDF containing quick overviews of commonly used tools in the JCSD DLE.
[Link] Tips on how to create a successful Virtual Learning Environment – Moodle