Fall PlayMacbeth 1A

Each fall, our drama season is kicked off by a theatrical play. The selection typically consists of two acts and features roles consisting of rich dialogue between characters with no musical numbers or choreographed dancing. Questions? Contact Mr. Fitzpatrick at jeremy.fitzpatrick@jdragonmail.us

Spring Musical

The musical is a special part of each year for the Johnston Drama Department. The selection typically features a large ensemble cast with many opportunities to highlight the special talents of individuals. The musical also incorporates a dynamic technical crew and full pit orchestra into each performance.

Drama Club

Drama Club is a fun way to give theatre a try! We meet every Thursday from 3-4 pm in the auditorium. The Drama Club will be writing, directing, and performing a student lead one-act play this year, as well as supporting the fall play and spring musical. Drama Club also plays lots of theatre games and tries new acting techniques.

Drama Club is open to anyone from grades 9-12 interested in theatre, not just actors. If your interests lie in writing, lighting, sound, costuming, hair and make-up, set design, props, marketing, graphic design, and, of course, acting, there is a place for you in Johnston’s Drama Club!

Have questions? Contact Mr. Fitzpatrick at jeremy.fitzpatrick@jdragonmail.us