Weight Room

School Early Dismissal Days = no weightlifting
School Weather Dismissal Days = no weightlifting
Non School Days / Holidays = no weightlifting

In the event we need to close the weight room, the Activities Department will use the following methods of communication:
– Twitter
– Student Email Announcements – Sent by office staff
– In-Person Announcements on Intercom – Sent by office staff

The Unified Activity Federation (Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, Iowa High School Music Association, and Iowa High School Speech Association) have declared Non-Contact Period for the summer of 2022. During this time, there will be no activities in the Johnston Community School District, including camps, clinics, workouts, strength and conditioning, lessons, meetings, etc. This provides a break for students and staff, and a great time with family. This is a great time to schedule a vacation.
Family Week starts Sunday, July 21, 2024  – Sunday, July 28, 2024.