Getting Involved!

Involvement of the student body in extra-curricular activities is an important part of student life, whether they participate in the activity or attend as a “Dragon fan.” The district allows families to purchase a student activity ticket (SAT) to allow admission into many district activities at no cost for the student.

Purchase a Student Athletic Pass

9-12 Grade Student Athletic Pass – SAT – $60
The CIML allows any 9th – 12th grade student who purchases a SAT to be admitted to any CIML event in which that school is participating (in other words, a Johnston 10th grader with an SAT would not be admitted to the Valley at Urbandale football game – that same student would be admitted free to the Johnston at Urbandale football game or the Waukee at Johnston boys’ swimming meet).

K-8th Grade Athletic Pass – $40
Students in grades K-8 can purchase an activity ticket that allows them to be admitted to home Johnston events.  This ticket does not allow the student to be admitted to away events.

Event Exceptions –Passes Not Accepted:

– District/Regional/Sub-State Events

– Anytime the state utilizes a district facility to host a district, regional or sub-state game, activity passes at any grade level are not accepted and entrance fees must be paid.

There are a few district-sponsored activities where activity tickets for any grade are not accepted and an entrance ticket must be purchased separately: Madrigal, Musical, and End of Year Vocal Department Show.


Obtaining a SAT
During registration parents have the opportunity to purchase a SAT for the upcoming school year for their child(ren).  At the beginning of the next school year, students in grades 6-12 will receive their student ID and it will be marked that they have a SAT pass.

Elementary students are not issued an ID unless they have purchased the SAT.  The ID then indicates that they have indeed purchased an activity ticket.

Purchase an Athletic Pass Here


Questions about obtaining a SAT once the school year begins, please talk with your school secretary.

If you should have any question about the SAT and entrance into an event, please contact the Athletic/Activities Office at 515-278-2407.