A Growing, Thriving School District

The Johnston Community School District is located in the heart of Iowa, just minutes north of the state’s capital city of Des Moines. The city of Johnston has experienced tremendous growth in the past 20 years and the school district has embraced its increasing populations through new construction, building expansions, the hiring of qualified staff, and much more.

We are proud of our past and look forward to welcoming more families into our district in the future. An important component to managing growth is keeping a close eye on school budgeting, state aid allocations, staffing, utilization of facilities, certified staff negotiations, and future facilities planning. The district partners with RSP, a demographic consulting company, to project future enrollments and areas of growth for the district.

View the most recent RSP presentation on enrollment and projections (February 2022)

District Demographics

District growth has meant expanding populations within our schools and city. The Johnston Community School District is proud of its growing diverse body of students and staff.

View the May 2018 PreK-12 Demographic Report