Planning for the Unknown

The district and school buildings follow procedures outlined in the Emergency Operation Plan and Crisis Response Manuals to handle a variety of unforeseen circumstances which impact the environment and/or well-being of students and staff.

Staff are trained on all updates of the plan, drill procedures, and have the opportunity to discuss concerns with local law enforcement and district administration. The district’s crisis materials were most recently updated in September 2015 and reviewed again in 2022 to meet ALICE lockdown procedures. Each of the eight schools within the district also has a Building Crisis Team that serve a critical role in disseminating information to all staff and aiding families in times of need.

The Johnston Community School District uses Blackboard Connect to contact parents about information regarding school closings and delays. Calls and emails will go out as soon as any decision is made by administration concerning the school day.  Please listen to the entire message as it contains pertinent information. The district website and district mobile app will also list any changes to the school day.

Is the Crisis Response Manual available to the public?

For security purposes, the Crisis Response Manual is not made available to the public, nor are building maps made publicly available. If a parent or student should have a question regarding an emergency situation procedure, they are encouraged to contact the district office at 515-278-0470.