Rights as a Parent or Guardian

Parents’ Rights Afforded By Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973

The following is a description of the rights granted by federal law to students with disabilities. The intent of the law is to keep parents/guardians fully informed concerning decisions about their child and to inform them of their rights if they disagree with any of these decisions.

Parents have the right to:

  1. Participation of your child in school district programs and activities, including extracurricular programs and activities, to the maximum extent appropriate, free of discrimination based upon the student’s disability and at the same level as students without disabilities.
  2. Receipt of free educational services to the extent they are provided students without disabilities.
  3. Receipt of information about your child and your child’s educational programs and activities in your native language.
  4. Notice of identification of your child as having a qualifying disability for which accommodations may need to be made and notice prior to evaluation and placement of your child and right to periodically request a e-evaluation of your child.
  5. Inspect and review your child’s educational records including a right to copy those records for a reasonable fee; you also have a right to ask the school district to amend your child’s educational records if you feel the information in the records is misleading or inaccurate; should the school district refuse to amend the records, you have a right to a hearing and to place an explanatory letter in your child’s file explaining why you feel the records are misleading or inaccurate.
  6. A hearing before an impartial hearing officer if you disagree with your child’s evaluation or placement; you have a right to counsel at the hearing and have the decision of the impartial hearing officer reviewed.

The name and position of the person responsible for Section 504 coordination and compliance at each school building is listed below:

Beaver Creek Elementary:

Anita Douglas staff photo
French and Spanish Teacher
Summit Middle School

Horizon Elementary:

Lawson Elementary:

Jan Maronn staff photo
Student Support Facilitator
Lawson Elementary

Timber Ridge Elementary:

Emily Backus staff photo
Student Support Facilitator
Timber Ridge Elementary

Wallace Elementary:

Summit Middle School (grades 6-7):

Shannon Brock staff photo
School Counselor
Summit Middle School
Lauren Gallo Heston staff photo
School Counselor
Summit Middle School

Johnston Middle School (grades 8-9):

Abbey Moomaw staff photo
Guidance Teacher
Johnston Middle School
Kayla Lunn staff photo
Guidance Teacher
Johnston Middle School

Johnston High School (grades 10-12):

Susan Baker staff photo
School Counselor
Johnston High School
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