Yearly calendars for staff and familiesSmall 2019 20 Academic Calendar no phone

Please click on the links below to view different versions of the academic¬†“Year-at-a-Glance” calendars. These calendars provide information regarding no school days, parent-teacher conferences, staff professional development days, and more. All calendars are posted in a PDF format, which is printable from your computer. Questions regarding the calendars can be directed to the HR office, 515-278-0470.

2019-20 Calendars (Approved January 2019)

2019-20 Calendar without phone numbers (8.5×11)

2019-20 Calendar with phone numbers (8.5×11)

2019-20 Calendar with phone numbers, poster size (11×17)

2019-20 Elementary 6-day Related Arts Schedule

*NOTE: The 6-day Related Arts Schedule will change if a day of school is missed (such as a snow day). A new schedule will be uploaded as soon as it’s available.

2020-21 Calendars (Approved October 2019/Updated January 2020)

2020-21 Calendar with phone numbers, poster size (11×17)

2020-21 Calendar without phone numbers (8.5×11)

2020-21 Calendar with phone numbers (8.5×11)