Register Your Dragon Athlete Online

Beginning July 1 of each year, families can sign up for Johnston athletics online. This includes uploading physical exams, reading the mandatory concussion information form, the Good Conduct Policy, and medical information. Any student participating in athletics, must have completed the registration process prior to the first day of practice. Please do not turn in paper copies to the activities office or front offices of any forms, all of these must be done online. Below is the registration link, along with some general information to help you get started.


When you first click on the link below, you will need to set up a family account.  If you previously completed an online registration for any student, you should already have a user name and password.  This must be done by a parent or guardian.  If you have multiple children participant in middle school or high school athletics, you can set up one account and add each child.  You will need to select Register New Student and enter in all of the information.  Any information with an asterisk must be entered, all other information is voluntary.  Any student entered last year should still appear in your “Family Member Information.”

Student Number

You can find your child’s student number by accessing parent portal.  It is a 9-10 digit number.  Once entered into the activity registration, you will not need to enter again in future years.  This number must be entered for each child in order to register.  If your student number starts with a 0, you may have to leave off the 0 if you are having difficulty.

Selecting Activities

Each season has a drop down menu.  You are able to select one (1) sport from each season. In order to complete the registration process, at least one sport has to be selected.  If you have a student who wants to compete in two sports in the same season, please contact the athletic department.  The guide below indicates what sports are offered at each grade.  Please do not sign up any student for grade not listed below.  This online registration is for any student in HS or MS.






Cheerleading (8-12) Basketball (8-12) Girls Golf (9-12) Baseball (9-12)
Cross County (7-12) Bowling (9-12) Soccer (9-12) Softball (9-12)
Dance (8-12) Cheerleading (8-12) Tennis (9-12)
Football (8-12) Boys Swimming (9-12) Track (8-12)
Boys Golf (9-12) Wrestling (7-12)
Girls Swimming (9-12)
Volleyball (8-12)

Mandatory Information, Forms

All items listed with an * must be completed prior to finishing the process.  You must have all of your information ready to enter, including the following:  Parent/Guardian info, emergency contact info, medical information and contacts, physical date, and physical copy.  You cannot save your progress during registration.  Please ignore the “Continue to Pay” link as we do not charge for any activities on this site.  Physical Information – You must enter the date in which your students physical occurred and was signed by a physician.  You must also upload a copy of the physical, either as a PDF or jpeg (picture).  The upload must be one, singular document.  If you need assistance with scanning or uploading, you can contact the activities office at 515-278-2407 or contact Mr. Tobey at


If you have questions, please contact Tamra Nelson at the contact information below.

Tamra Nelson staff photo
Activities Administrative Assistant
Johnston High School