Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become involved with Friends of Johnston ELP?

There are many opportunities throughout the year where Friends of Johnston ELP could use the assistance of parents for fundraising activities and other events. There are a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Attend a Parent Program- look for program info on our Facebook page and via email.
  • Volunteer to help at academic special events and fundraising events.
  • Contact a current board member

How do I become a Friends of Johnston ELP board member?

The Friends of Johnston ELP board strives to have at least one parent liaison on our board from every school in our district.

Membership is required for board membership consideration. Our membership brochure has a section where you can indicate your interest in board membership.

You can contact any current board member for additional information.

How often does the board meet?

The Friends of Johnston ELP board meets approximately six to eight times per year. We also attend all of the Parent Programs that we sponsor as well as the ELP overview meetings at the beginning of each school year.

Board members present information (typically at his/her home school) at the ELP overview meetings at the beginning of each school year.

Does Friends of Johnston ELP have a match program for donations?

Friends of Johnston ELP is a 501(c)(3) organization, therefore dues and donations are tax deductible. Many companies have matching gift programs. Complete the necessary paperwork with your employer and then send the paperwork with your donation to our Treasurer.

Can I make a donation to Friends of Johnston ELP? 

Absolutely! One hundred percent of donations received are channeled back to the Johnston ELP educators for purchases of educational materials and resources.

Friends of Johnston ELP is a 501(c)(3) organization, therefore dues and donations are tax deductible. Please download our brochure to make a donation.

How does my membership to Friends of Johnston ELP help my child and/or my child’s ELP educator? 

Historically, greater than 98% of membership dues and donations are gifted to the ELP to purchase materials specifically intended for ELP students. Your membership also benefits the program because it adds to the unified voice to advocate for high ability students within the Johnston School district.

What is ITAG? 

Iowa Talented and Gifted Association is an association of interested parents, educators, and concerned citizens dedicated to meeting the needs of talented and gifted children and youth since 1974. ITAG is a voice for gifted education in the State Legislature as well as Washington D.C. Please visit the ITAG website for more information at Friends of Johnston ELP is an affiliate member of ITAG. You can join ITAG through Friends of Johnston ELP with a membership to our group of $15.00 and an additional $25.00 for ITAG affiliate membership. ITAG dues are not tax deductible.

Does membership affect the status of my child’s placement in ELP? 

No, membership does not impact your child’s placement or the amount of services he/she receives. Friends of Johnston ELP is for ANY adult interested in supporting gifted education.

What happens at a parent program? 

Friends of Johnston ELP hosts three parent programs throughout the school year. Expert speakers present information specific to the educational and/or emotional needs of high ability students. Presentation have included: Perfectionism, Underachievement, Differentiation, and Academic Testing. Click here for past program topics and presentations.

Can I bring a friend that is not from our school district to a parent program? 

Absolutely! All parent programs are free and open to the public.