Definitions and Expectations

Digital learning tools are defined as apps, extensions, and websites. Efforts will be made to provide students with uninterrupted access to digital learning tools. The district also has an obligation to maintain the integrity of our security filters and comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Therefore, we are implementing a review/approval process for any apps and extensions available to students on district devices. During online registration, parents/guardians are provided information and are asked to give approval for their student to use the tools. The district will maintain and publicly post a list of approved apps and sites (displayed below).

In order to use the most current digital resources to match as closely as possible to the approved district curriculum and student learning needs, district personnel will review resources. Staff will provide developmentally appropriate guidance to students as they make use of digital resources to conduct research and to support district curriculum.

DLE Tools List

The following is a list of digital tools that require COPPA compliance and parental permission. These resources require some form of permission based on the operators’/developers’ Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or Terms of Use.

In our 1:1 Digital Learning Environment, there are apps that do not require login information.  A list of apps is available upon request.

The list is updated as new tools are reviewed and approved. Click “Full Screen” in the bottom right corner for easier readability.