Guidelines for School Snacks

A typical daily diet consist of three meals and two snacks. For a student, this means snacks could be available in the classroom for special occasions, events, fundraisers, or just because. But before a snack can be provided, there are a health guidelines that school staff and students must follow.

A Guide to Smart Snacks in School (USDA)

Treats and Snacks

It is our policy to promote good nutrition and a healthy school environment in all aspects of the school building. When bringing treats and snacks to the classroom for other students, please make sure they are nutritious and safe for individual students.  There are students in our buildings that have conditions, which may require special diets and careful monitoring of their nutritional intake. They may have food allergies, may be diabetic, or may be monitoring caloric intake. Should a specific food allergy exist in a child’s homeroom, a note will be sent home with information regarding the specifics. All treats should be checked by nurse or teacher in ensure children in the classroom with allergies are kept safe.

  • Examples of healthy snacks include:  fresh fruit and vegetables prepared in advance (no nuts), cheese, beef sticks, saltine crackers, Goldfish crackers, pretzels, 100% fruit juice boxes.
  • Individually packaged, commercially prepared items are expected to ensure proper sanitation and avoid cross contamination.
  • Homemade treats should not be sent to school. 
  • Parents sending a snack or lunch to school with their own child may want to consider providing a healthy and nutritional snack/meal for their child.

School Parties and Birthday Parties

Elementary students have two scheduled school parties/events per year: a Winter Holiday party and one other school-wide party/event.  Homeroom parents and other school volunteers are contacted to provide assistance and healthy treats for these parties.  Other celebrations occur throughout the year, which are tied into various curricular areas or special projects. Parents should check with their student’s teacher to see what type of treat is appropriate to bring to school for a birthday. All foods brought in for any occasion should follow the treats/snacks guidelines.

Fundraising and Snacks Sold to Students

All food items sold to students during the school day must meet Smart Snack guidelines set forth by the Healthy Free Kids Act. For more information regarding healthy Smart Snacks, visit Healthier Generation.