Attention to Nutrition Detail, Down to the Last Morsel

Keeping students safe at school is a #1 priority. This includes food safety. Some students have allergies and require special precautions to keep them safe. According to guidelines set forth by USDA, schools must offer safe substitute meals for students with life threatening food allergies.  The State of Iowa requires a Diet Modification Request Form on file with the nutrition department which must be completed and signed by student’s parent and Physician. The Diet Modification Request form provides the district with detailed information regarding foods to avoid and foods to substitute to accommodate the food allergy. Once the nutrition department receives the Diet Modification Request form there are additional steps that may be needed:

  • Communication with parents, follow-up phone call or email to establish line of communication
  • Monthly preparation of special menus and communication of these with nurse/parent/student
  • Communication with other school personnel involved with the care of the student (Nutrition Staff, Teacher, Cafeteria Associates, Classroom Helpers, Transportation Associates)
  • Provide training as needed. Know the diet plan and food items being served.
  • Monitor food labels and communicate changes as needed

We have many students who are eating specials diets such as vegetarian, no pork, no beef, low fat, low carb etc. These do not require a Diet Modification Form as they are not considered an allergy. To help accommodate these students all menu items are properly labeled (Pork, Beef, and Chicken). Students can choose from at least three entrée options, one of them a yogurt meal. The district policy of offer vs serve makes it possible for students to select three – up to five – items on their tray. They are not forced to take meat or milk for example if they choose not to. Nutritional information (Carbs, Fat, Calories etc) is posted online with Nutraslice menu system.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Diet Modification Request Form 2024-25