Multiple Ways to Pay

A computerized meal accounting system is used to manage student meal accounts. Meal money is pre-paid and credited into individual meal accounts. Purchases are automatically recorded and deducted from the meal account balance. All students are assigned a personal keypad number to access their meal account. Cash or check payments are accepted at your child’s school or at the district nutrition office at 6510 NW 62nd Ave, Johnston. Debit/credit card payments are accepted online at PayPAMS.

End-of-Year Student Lunch Account Balances

School lunch account balances remain in the student’s account from year to year.  If a child transfers to another building, the lunch account balance will transfer with the child to the new building.

  • Graduating seniors lunch account balances will be transferred to a sibling account or refunded to the parent.
  • For students not returning to the Johnston Community School District next year, please call the Nutrition Department at 515-278-0278 to request a lunch account balance refund or option to donate balance to the negative student meal accounts in the district.

How to use PayPAMS (English flyer)

Cómo usar PayPAMS (folleto en español)