Insight for Tough Questions and Situations

Below is list of different resources parents and staff members can use to guide conversations around mental health and student well-being. School counselors and the district’s student well-being coordinator, Chris Wilson, are also valuable resources available for use.

Christina Wilson
Summit Middle School

Growing Healthy Dragons blog (by Chris Wilson)

Finding Help: How to choose a psychotherapist

Helping Your Child Cope with the Sudden Death of a Friend

Talking to Children after a Suicide (pdf)

Talking to Children and Teens after a Shooting (pdf)

Talking to Children about Violence (pdf)

Helping Children Cope after a Disaster or Trauma (pdf)

Caring for Kids after Trauma, Disaster or Death

Supporting Children through Grief (pdf)

Understanding Depression by Jeff Kerber, Ph.D. (pdf)

Understanding and Preventing Youth Suicide by Jeff Kerber, Ph.D. (pdf)


Tips for Staff in Response to Crisis (pdf)