Calling In Sick (or absent)

There are 180 days in a school year. But situations arise, or illnesses spread, and students find themselves missing school days. In the event a student is absent or tardy, all schools require notification from the parent/guardian of the student.

Elementary Absences

The parent/guardian – not the student – is responsible for calling in all absences. Call your school to leave a message each day your child is absent or tardy. For your convenience, we have installed a digital answering device at each school. Please leave a message and indicate the following:

Your Name
Child’s Name
Classroom Number or Teacher’s Name
Reason for the Absence or Tardiness

Secondary Absences

This notification can be done verbally (in person or via phone call) or by a written note. For all students absent or tardy without verification, an attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian on the day of the absence. Once contact is made with a parent/guardian, a notation will be made by office personnel as to the reason for the absence.