Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When would the new walk zones go into effect?

A:  Any changes would go into effect at the start of the 2021-22 school year.

Q: What is the affected area of the Lawson neighborhood?

A: You can view a map from STA of the homes/neighborhood that now have sidewalks and children can safely walk or ride a bike to school.

Q:  How is distance to/from school calculated?

A:  Distance is measured on the public roads and over the most passable and safest route as determined by the area education agency.

Q: What is the state guideline for required student transportation?

A:  The Iowa Code mandates that schools transport elementary students who live further than two miles from their school and secondary students who live three miles from their school.

Q:  What distance is the Lawson walk zone?

A:  It is a one-mile walk zone, the same as other Johnston elementary schools.

Q:  What are safety hazards?

A:  We define safety hazards as exceptionally busy roadways, areas that lack appropriate crosswalk signaling or neighborhoods where there are no sidewalks.

Q:  How does this impact special education students and their bussing?

A:  If students are entitled to special education bussing per their Individualized Education Plan, they will receive it regardless of how close or far away they live from their school.

Q: Will there be a crossing guard to help students get across busy streets?

A: Yes. The district is examining where having a crossing guard would benefit students to get safely to school.