Getting To and From School Safely

Lawson back to school 2020Currently, 100 percent of Lawson students can receive transportation to/from school because there were not safe sidewalks or walkways surrounding the school. Now that a good majority of the sidewalks south of NW 62 AVE are finished and the walkability has greatly improved, some families who live within the 1-mile walk zone of Lawson may no longer be eligible for school transportation starting in the 2021-22 school year.

As a reminder, the Johnston Community School District uses a 1-mile walk zone for students in grades K-9 living within one mile of the school they attend and a 2-mile walk zone for Johnston High School students, grades 10-12. When considering the walk zones, there are a number of factors examined, including: safety hazards such as busy roads and non-signal/light cross areas; the availability of sidewalks; and age of students walking these routes. Because each school’s site is unique, the results for walking and busing zones vary.

The links below will take you to various resources to help parents, guardians, families, and community members fully understand how and why the district uses walk zones, maps/areas of Lawson that will be affected by walk zones, walk zone FAQs, and other materials.


Questions related to Lawson walk zones can be directed to Lawson principal Mr. Tom Bartello, 515-278-0478 Ext. 3403.


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