Raising Money For a Good Cause

District organizations and groups outside of the district will often hold fundraisers to raise money for a cause, event, or special project. In an era where misinformation is easily spread, we ask all groups holding fundraisers to complete the form below (respective to the organization type) and the fundraiser information, such as dates and contact person, will be posted on the district’s fundraising calendar. This is a simple way for anyone in the school community to ensure the organization asking for resources is legitimate in their affiliation with the district.

Fundraising Form for District Organizations

Fundraising Form for Outside Organizations

After the Fundraiser

Once the fundraiser is complete, we ask all district groups to submit a simple report of activity that is kept by the JCSD business office. Groups outside the district do not need to complete this form.

Final Report of Activity Form



Photo of Ryan Eidahl
Chief Financial Officer
District Office