Using Tools Responsibly

002The Johnston Community School District has a robust digital learning environment that supports student learning. All of our students benefit from technology tools that are integrated into the learning environment. Two policies have been created to guide parents, students, and staff in responsible use of district-provided technical learning equipment. Additional agreement forms have been created to ensure students and parents understand their rights and expectations.

Student Technology Responsible Use

The Johnston Community School District provides use of electronic technologies to enhance student learning. All electronic technologies must be used in support of the educational program of the district. Access to electronic technologies may be revoked at any time for inappropriate use. To ensure appropriate technology use, the district maintains appropriate filtering and security protocols in compliance with state and federal laws; however, students bear responsibility for acceptable use of the internet and electronic technologies. Students are advised that district personnel may monitor use of and content stored on district electronic technologies.

The Student Technology Responsible Use policy sets forth guidelines for student access and use of district electronic technologies. As required by law, all parents and students must sign a Responsible Use Agreement to permit student access to district technologies. The agreement is effective throughout the child’s education at his/her school. Parents with questions or concerns about the Responsible Use Agreement should schedule a meeting with the school principal to discuss alternative learning options.

605.6 Internet Appropriate Use Student Technology Responsible Use

605.6E1 Internet Access Permission Letter to Parents

605.6R1 Internet Appropriate Use Regulation (Student Technology Responsible Use)

Digital Learning Environment Handbooks