An Alternative Option for Students

Metro West Learning Academy is the alternative high school program for high school students. The districts of Johnston, Waukee, Urbandale, Dallas/Center Grimes and ADM have a consortium to offer this alternative setting.  Each district is allotted a fixed number of spots for students each year.

Metro West Learning Academy is a student-centered environment with a staff that is committed to creating positive change for students, leading to social, emotional, and academic success for high school graduation and beyond.

Student-centered learning engages student in the learning process. Students’ personal interests determine which projects they complete. With student-centered learning, teachers act as advisors who help facilitate the learning process. Instead of students sitting in a teacher-driven classroom, students learn through the exploration of topics that interest them.

Students attending MWLA are working toward the graduation requirement of their home high school and earn their diplomas from their home high schools. All students are referred by their home high schools and attend either a morning session or an afternoon session. To learn more, please contact Mike Moran, Director, MWLA at (515) 727-6301.